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John Simmons is an industry recognized expert on the Web media standards that together constitute a strategic inflection point transforming the media and entertainment industries.

Based on his 2008 Microsoft-internal "Athens" vision paper, John began an effort to persuade the commercial entertainment industry to adopt DRM-interoperable web media streaming standards. This industry-wide effort led to the 2012 publication of the Common Encryption (CENC: ISO/IEC 23001-7) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH: ISO/IEC 23009-1) standards.


The "Athens" vision paper described HTML5 support of DRM-interoperable web media streaming. John initiated Microsoft’s 2012 collaboration with Netflix, Comcast and Google which resulted in W3C published HTML5 media extensions  (2016, 2017), enabling desktop and embedded browsers to consume on-demand, live and live-linear commercial media without the use of plug-ins.

John made his vision public at the National Association of Broadcasters annual meeting (Las Vegas, 2014), describing how this new web media protocol stack would transform the commercial media and worldwide web industries. This paper inspired the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to launch its Web Application Video Ecosystem or “WAVE” project.


John next drove the 2015 Apple-Microsoft collaboration to create a global container format for streaming web media. On February 2, 2016 Apple and Microsoft, along with fifteen global media companies, submitted the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for standardization. CMAF (ISO/IEC 23000-19:2018) is now the emerging global standard for live, live-linear and on demand content encoding.


The work continues. 2020 will bring low latency streaming, splice conditioning for ad signaling, new HTML5 media extensions, and much more. Contact me to learn how I can help your business benefit from the web media standards inflection point. 


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